SeaShare is made up of individuals and companies who generously contribute their unique talents and services.


Our strength has always been a detailed, insider’s knowledge of the seafood industry.

Board members and staff utilize expertise in key areas of the industry; including policy and law, marketing and communications, harvesting and production, logistics, and finance. They are also guided by a sense of responsibility for the stewardship and efficient utilization of our nation's resources.

SeaShare fosters partnerships between government agencies, seafood companies, and food banks in a shared effort to produce food for hunger‑relief.

Our first donors were on the decks of fishing boats in the Bering Sea. Those fishermen knew the benefit of having more people pulling on the same oar, and helped SeaShare enroll additional partners; donors now range in size from individual fishermen to multi-million dollar companies. SeaShare's programs enroll hundreds of participants who create high-quality seafood products for the Feeding America food bank network.

SeaShare has created a flexible and collective framework that accommodates whatever product or service a donor may want to provide. We then work to find the partners necessary to support and complete that contribution resulting in a successful seafood donation. This collaborative model encourages more people to take part by reducing the individual donor expense and making it affordable to provide these high value products to food banks across the nation.

Our Donors & Partners

Fish and Seafood Support Services Financial Support Food Bank/Strategic Partner

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