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Help get nutrient-dense seafood into food banks.

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Feeding people well.

When it comes to nutrition, seafood packs a punch, but is a rare commodity in food banks. SeaShare is the only nonprofit dedicated to filling this essential need.

Over 50 million Americans have limited access to nutrient-dense food. The simple fact is that healthy food is expensive. Low-income seniors, families, and individuals are forced to make decisions as to how to get by with what little they have. Often that means skipping meals or buying cheap, unhealthy calories. Many neighborhoods lack basic access to markets and grocery stores that have fresh produce, meat, and fish. Thankfully, the nation's wide network of food banks is working to keep people well fed.

SeaShare exists to help those food banks. As they focus on better nutrition and providing well-balanced meals, the demand for protein, especially seafood, is growing. SeaShare fulfills this vital need by getting one of the most high-valued and costly protein sources into food banks, pantries, and shelters across America.

SeaShare's mission is to engage the seafood industry in a collective effort to improve nutrition for the people served by food banks and feeding centers.


Access to quality food is limited

Those struggling with food insecurity face the burden of not only getting enough to eat, but also accessing nutrient-rich foods that promote good health and help reduce risk of chronic disease.


Healthy protein is expensive

Feeding America’s Hunger in America Study revealed 79% of households dealing with food insecurity purchased inexpensive, unhealthy food as a coping strategy.


A scarce resource in food banks

Of the 4 billion pounds of food distributed through the Feeding America network less than 2% is nutrient-dense, animal based protein and seafood only makes up a fraction of that.


Omega-3 heart and brain food

Lack of Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammatory disorders, and mental and emotional problems. Fish is, indeed, a brain food.


A complete protein source

Seafood contains a high-quality protein that includes all of the essential amino acids for human health, making it a complete protein source. a 3 ounce serving provides a third of the recommended daily intake.

From sea to table.

SeaShare distributes high-quality, first-run seafood that, instead of being sold in a market or restaurant, is distributed to food banks nationwide.

SeaShare works with a large community of fishermen, processors, logistics and distribution partners who want to do their part to help struggling families and individuals. Donations include a wide variety of species, such as salmon, Alaska pollock, pacific white shrimp, rockfish, halibut, catfish, and tilapia.

An efficient, collaborative model.

Getting seafood from the ocean into food banks is a complex and costly process. SeaShare provides the framework and logistics that allow a wide range of partners to work together to make large- and small-scale donations possible. By coordinating donations from fishermen with contributions from its cold storage, processing, and shipping partners, SeaShare leverages its network to enable the industry to give on a scale that can only be achieved from a collective effort.

We have a long-standing collaboration with Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization. With their network we're able to join forces and get donations across the nation.

It takes a community.

Donors range in size from small, independent fishermen to large-scale harvesting and processing vessels. These fishermen work with other processors, importers, distributors, and cold-storage warehouses, all of whom donate their services to SeaShare to get this highly perishable, nutritious product to food banks across the country.

Learn more about how we work together

Mariah Robinson
Cold Storage Manager, Kloosterboer
Cheryl Schondek
Senior VP of Food Acquisition and Supply Chain, Greater Boston Food Bank
Matt Moir
Plant Manager, Alaska Pacific Seafoods
Karl Becker
Factory Manager, Ocean Rover, American Seafoods
Jason Chandler
Captain, F/V Topaz
John Garner
Former Board Member, SeaShare
Chan Johnson
Captain, F/V Walter N
Tom Enlow
President, UniSea
Paddy O'Donnell
Captain, F/V Caravelle
Jared Haney
Factory Manager, American Dynasty
Kjell Jensen
Captain, Ocean Rover
Brent Paine
Executive Director, United Catcher Boats
Ameythst Shipman
Director of Project Management, Food Lifeline
Julie Bonney
Executive Director, Alaska Groundfish Data Bank
Monte Hawver
Director, Brother Francis Shelter

Over the past 27 years, SeaShare has delivered more than 250 million seafood servings to food banks and feeding centers.
With your help we can do so much more. While we receive generous contributions of seafood and services from our partners, we can’t get 100% of the costs covered for shipping, storage, and preparing the fish into family size portions. Your donation today will contribute directly to that effort.

For every $1 you invest, we can provide up to 8 servings of seafood to those in need.