Over 220 million seafood servings donated.

SeaShare is a non-profit founded in 1994 to help the seafood industry donate to hunger-relief efforts in the United States.

It began with a small group of commercial fishermen in Alaska who took unintentionally caught fish (known as bycatch) that were required by law to be thrown back into the sea, and gave those fish – vital, healthy protein – to food banks. Over the past 20 years, SeaShare has grown its donations far beyond our original bycatch program. Now 90 percent of our seafood is first-run, marketable product, donated by generous fishermen and processors around the country. They believe in the power of seafood to help those served by food banks and feeding centers. Over 200 million seafood servings have been distributed so far and we're still counting.


Our original bycatch donation program allowed SeaShare to accomplish a number of important milestones that have led to our success. It required achieved changes to National Marine Fisheries Service regulations in Alaska – the largest fishery in the United States – to allow the retention of bycatch solely for use by hunger-relief agencies. It also required us to develop a network of service donors so the load is shared and the results are maximized. With a growing list of processors, freight companies, food banks, and financial donors, more seafood is being served on more tables across the country.

It was an important story about fishermen who valued every fish they pulled from the sea. Rather than throw dead fish overboard, those fish could be a significant source of nutrition – badly needed protein – to help fight hunger. Because SeaShare's goal isn't just to feed people, but to use seafood to feed people well.

We're proud to have received these awards

  • 2018 Finalist, Global Seafood Champion Award in Leadership
  • 2016 Community Partner Award - Millionair Club
  • 2016 Alaska Ocean Leadership Award - Stewardship & Sustainability
  • 2012 LA Food Bank Top 50 Donor
  • 2011/2012 Food Lifeline Top Donor
  • 2011 Alaska Champion Award
  • 2011 Disaster Relief Campaign Partner with Feeding America
  • 2009 Outstanding Food Donor – Food Lifeline, Seattle, WA
  • 2009 Certificate of Appreciation – Food Bank of Alaska, Anchorage, AK
  • 2008 Evergreen Award for Groundbreaking Work in Partnerships and Collaboration from the Seattle-based Executive Alliance at the 14th Annual Washington State Non-profit Conference
  • 2006 Sustainable Fisheries Leadership Award in the categories of Community Service, Media, and Public Education from NOAA -U.S. Dept. of Commerce
  • Feeding America Hunger’s Hope Award (1995-2001)
  • 1999 Environmental Hero Award from NOAA, presented by Vice President Al Gore.

We are committed to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

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Our board of directors

  • Bill Orr

    Board President

    General Counsel, Ohara Corporation

  • Greg Englin

    Board Vice President

    Director of Development, Port of Port Townsend

  • Richard Mullins

    Board Treasurer

    Managing Director, NAIA Natural Products

  • Pat Shanahan

    Board Secretary

    President, The Shanahan Group, Inc.

  • Glenn Reed

    President, Pacific Seafoods Processor Association

  • Casey Campbell

    General Manager/CEO, Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp.

  • Tuck Donnelly

    SeaShare Founder

  • John Garner

    Past President, North Pacific Seafoods

  • Jan Jacobs

    Director of Government Affairs, American Seafoods Co.

  • Michael Lieberman

    Senior VP, Food Industry Insurance Division, Foa & Son Corp.

  • Paul MacGregor

    of General Counsel to the Mundt MacGregor Law Firm

  • Fiona Robinson

    Manager of Communications and Donor Development, United Way of York County

  • Tom Enlow

    President, Unisea, Inc.

  • Doug Christensen

    President, Arctic Storm Management Group

  • Barry Collier

    President & CEO, Peter Pan Seafoods

  • Vic Scheibert

    President, Alaska Operations Trident Seafoods

  • Jim Harmon

    Executive Director


Terry Shaff Memorial Fund

Terry Shaff was a beloved and long-serving board member at SeaShare, President and CEO of the seafood company UniSea, and a former chairman of the Pacific Seafood Processors Association. When Terry passed away suddenly in late 2014, the seafood industry and community came together to recognize Terry’s leadership, his generosity, and his commitment to SeaShare’s mission to improve nutrition for the people served by food banks and feeding centers.

Terry’s peers and friends have honored his memory through the establishment of the Terry Shaff Memorial Fund. Through this fund SeaShare has developed a new project to send more donated seafood to western Alaska. We are obtaining cold storage equipment and developing distribution networks that will send frozen seafood to hub villages up and down the western coast of Alaska, and then out to remote villages. Seafood has dietary and cultural significance for western Alaskans, and yet many people do not have regular access to it.

We recently sent our first freezer container to Bristol Bay, filled with over 8,400 pounds of seafood for distribution in Dillingham and surrounding villages. Additional locations will be added later this year, and our goal is to set up cold storage equipment and distribution networks in at least four hub villages. This work would not be possible without the commitment and generosity of our partners, including the Dillingham City Harbor, Bristol Bay Native Association, Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, the Food Bank of Alaska, Lynden, and generous seafood donors.

For over 20 years, SeaShare has worked with the seafood industry to donate high quality seafood to help feed hungry Americans. The Terry Shaff Memorial Fund is enabling more regular access to seafood and more efficient delivery in remote areas of western Alaska. We think Terry would be proud of this project, and we are so thankful to everyone who has supported this work in his honor.