Canned AK Salmon - Nutritious and in Demand at Food Banks!

Sue Bosley of Salmon Terminals and Mike Duckworth of Silver Bay Seafoods.

This month we’re working on a generous donation of four truckloads of canned salmon from Silver Bay Seafoods! The company is an integrated processor of frozen and canned salmon, herring, whitefish and squid for domestic and export markets. The predominantly fishermen-owned, Alaskan company, with corporate offices in Sitka, Alaska, will operate 12 processing facilities throughout Alaska and the West Coast in 2024.

“Since our inception in 2007, operating a singular plant in Sitka, Alaska, Silver Bay has been proud to partner with SeaShare. We’ve grown from 35 original fishermen owners to over 600 fishermen over that timeframe, and continue to support and promote SeaShare’s mission of feeding people well,” said Silver Bay Co-Founder Richard Riggs.

The 150,000 pounds of cans were inspected in April by SeaShare’s Jim Harmon and Mike Duckworth of Silver Bay at Salmon Terminals in Auburn, Wash., the largest warehouser and labeler of Alaska canned salmon in the United States.

Two truckloads of cans are going to Feeding America affiliates Food Lifeline in Seattle and the other two head to Oregon Food Bank in Portland, Ore. These donations will go a long way to helping serve the food banks’ customers, as the food banks continue to experience high demand related to inflation at grocery stores and high winter energy costs.

This is Silver Bay's second canned salmon donation to SeaShare this month, as they also joined processors and freight companies to make a donation to Savoonga on Alaska's remote St Lawrence Island.