The Great Return — Part 2

Executive Director Jim Harmon accepts a donation from Meet Boston and Signature Boston at the show.

SeaShare’s nonprofit model is slightly different from most “traditional” nonprofits: We spend a lot of time working with companies within the industry and making connections for donations of product and other support. This is why attending Seafood Expo North America is so important for us — nothing beats saying “Thank You” in person!

And this year’s show — “The Great Return, Part 2” — produced more supporters to meet with, as well as IN PERSON receptions such as the Seafood Nutrition Partnership event and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s “Go Wild!” soiree, to name a few. Great people, great food, and great conversations to build on, that’s what attending these events is all about.

The icing on the cake of a great show was a $2,500 donation from Meet Boston (formerly the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau) and Signature Boston (Boston Convention and Exhibition Center). Thank you to both organizations, as well as Diversified Communications for producing another great show for us to attend!