Is Seafood Sexy? You Betcha!

Seafood Nutrition Partnership's National Seafood Month Campaign

Fill in the blank: October is ________

Many consumers these days would fill in “Pumpkin spice time”! Pumpkin spice cheerios, pumpkin spice marshmallows, pumpkin spice martinis, pumpkin spice graham crackers. You get the picture. But did you know October also is National Seafood Month?!

We won’t go into the history of WHY October, but we can tell you the many reasons why seafood should be on your shopping list EVERY WEEK. There are myriad health benefits linked to increased seafood consumption, including supporting brain and eye development in utero, sleep and cognitive development for young children, and heart, immune and mental health in adults.

If you’ve run out of ideas on what seafood to cook during National Seafood Month, look no further than the Seafood Nutrition Partnership website. They’ve got fall-themed recipes such as crab-stuffed acorn, maple mustard salmon with roasted vegetables, and pumpkin and spinach risotto with scallops. SNP's annual campaign encourages consumers to "Fall in Love with Seafood," with some tantalizing graphics!

We’re committed to ensuring neighbors accessing food at food banks and feeding centers have access to seafood. The Feeding America food bank system needs MORE seafood — millions more pounds — to ensure Americans facing food security can eat nutrient-dense seafood. October is a great month to start planning your end of year giving that allows us to access more seafood for food banks. SeaShare is able to provide 6 servings of seafood to food banks for every dollar donated; so a $25 donation can provide 150 servings of seafood to those facing food insecurity. We hope you consider a donation to SeaShare before the holidays, whether your meals include pumpkin-spice food or not!