Food Waste Solutions Summit | R2AK | Annual Report

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of attending the Food Waste Solutions Summit at the University of Minnesota. The Summit, produced by ReFED, gathered food waste solution providers, food banks, data companies, upcycled food processors, investors and others to discuss ways to cut food waste in half by 2030. 

It’s clear that reducing food waste is not just a climate change solution, it’s a means to feed those facing insecurity and is why SeaShare is involved. In the early months of the pandemic, a generous grant from ReFED enabled SeaShare to divert seafood products originally destined for the foodservice industry (that was at a stand-still during COVID-19 lockdown) and got product into the food bank system instead of potentially going to waste. 

The Summit provided an opportunity for many conversations about similar rescue operations that occurred around the country during the pandemic to help those displaced and out of work due to COVID-19. Food commodity price are up 30 percent globally, and that will likely continue to fuel spikes in food bank traffic. We have to continue to address food waste and food insecurity together to make a meaningful impact on people AND the climate. 

We invite the seafood industry to get involved in reducing the potential waste in your supply chain.  We take top-line product, plus dents/discards, even mislabeled product, and handle logistics to the food bank. We have grant dollars to repack or make items suitable for food bank distribution. Reach out today to become part of the solution to food insecurity (and possibly reduce waste at the same time!).


We’re excited to announce that Team Pure & Wild is raising money for SeaShare in the 2022 Race to Alaska! The race gun goes off on June 13 in Port Townsend, Washington, and the final destination is Ketchikan, Alaska. The crew of Jonathan McKee, Matt Pistay and Alyosha Strum-Palerm has Olympic, Transpac and R2AK gold medals, so we’re hopeful they’ll bring home another first place!!

You can support the team and SeaShare at Golden Alaska Seafoods has agreed to match the first $2,000 in donations, so it’s a perfect time to donate! You can follow their progress on Facebook


SeaShare’s 2021 Annual Report is available. The generous support of foundations, seafood companies and individual donors enabled more than 6 million seafood servings to be distributed to food banks and feeding centers last year. You can view our work in its entirety online.

Team Pure & Wild is fundraising for SeaShare in the #R2AK