SeaShare Partners with US Wild Alaska Pollock Producers to Donate Two Million Servings of High Protein Seafood to Food Banks in 12 States

SeaShare partners with Feeding America’s national network of food banks to donate two million servings of high-protein seafood to Americans who struggle with hunger in these uncertain times.

Seattle, WA – March 17, 2020: Today, SeaShare, a non-profit dedicated to providing seafood to food banks, announced they have sent over 2 million servings of Wild Alaska Pollock to food banks across the country. Working with the Feeding America network of food banks, SeaShare sent family-sized packages of Wild Alaska Pollock to sixteen food banks in twelve states over the past month.

“This large seafood donation is important as we work as a nation to combat COVID-19.  Our most vulnerable populations, including those who struggle with hunger, are at particular risk from the spread of this deadly virus. Wild Alaska Pollock provides top-tier nutrition for the clients of food banks, and we are thankful that the seafood industry continues to help feed our neighbors in these uncertain times”, said Jim Harmon, Executive Director of SeaShare. “Over the past twenty five years, SeaShare and our industry partners have sent over 230 million servings of nutritious seafood to food banks from coast to coast, and we will continue to support our food banks with the best protein available – seafood.”

Blake Thompson, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Feeding America says of the impact, “Protein is the most difficult food item for our 200 food banks to access. This donation is not only nutritious but, very much needed by those we serve across the Feeding America network.”

“We applaud our partner SeaShare for not just feeding people who struggle with hunger, but feeding them well”, said Linda Cornish, President of Seafood Nutrition Partnership, based in Arlington VA.  "It's important that all Americans have access to healthy food, especially seafood high in omega-3s, such as Wild Alaska Pollock, for health benefits that contribute towards a stronger immune system, healthy brain function, plus strong bones,” says Cornish.

"Seafood is not only delicious, it provides vital nutrients needed for health and wellness at all ages, including lean protein, omega-3s, B vitamins and minerals like iron and selenium. For everyone, especially our most vulnerable population, nutrient rich foods like Wild Alaska Pollock is highly recommended for consumption. ” said Valerie Agyeman, Seafood Nutrition Partnership’s in-house dietitian.

SeaShare, Feeding America, Seafood Nutrition Partnership, and the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) work in partnership to ensure more Americans have access to the myriad health benefits of seafood. Together we are working to ensure the most vulnerable Americans, those who are food insecure, have access to the best protein around, especially in times of crisis.

About SeaShare: SeaShare is a non-profit organization based on Bainbridge Island, WA. We are the only non-profit in the U.S. dedicated to bringing seafood to food banks. SeaShare was founded in 1994 to help the seafood industry donate to hunger relief efforts across the country.  For more information, or to find out how you can get involved, visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter