#NationalSeafoodMonth is here!

Many of our supporters are in the seafood industry, and therefore know October is #NationalSeafoodMonth. This is the time when the industry gets to say, loud and proud, to #EatSeafoodAmerica! It’s delicious, creates jobs, and it’s GOOD For You!!

Given the global pandemic, that last sentence can’t be said enough — it's delicious, creates jobs, and it’s GOOD for you!! Recent research has linked seafood consumption with higher COVID-19 prevention and recovery rates due to high levels of selenium, zinc, and Vitamin D. But what about the millions of newly unemployed Americans who are relying on their local food bank for their next meal?

This is why our work is so crucial right now. We’re on track to hit 2 million pounds of seafood donated to Feeding America food banks this year (almost double 2019’s donations), without these donations, food banks simply wouldn’t have access to this nutritious protein. Food bank customers need a fighting chance to overcome COVID-19, and you can help by donating supply OR resources to SeaShare. If you’re an Amazon customer you can even designate SeaShare as your nonprofit beneficiary via AmazonSmile. We’re on the top of the list for nonprofits listed by

This month we’re highlighting some of our board members on social media. You can find their profiles in the #WeAreSeaShare campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Like, share and retweet their posts to show them some love: They donate countless hours to make sure we succeed, and for that we thank them!!