SeaShare in Alaska: What are we up to in 2019?

We've had a busy spring in Alaska, with more annual donations coming up this summer. Here is what we've been up to these past few weeks:

Dillingham and Bristol Bay:  SeaShare sent 12,000 pounds of frozen seafood from Seattle to BBNA in Dillingham via AML barge in March. We installed a freezer container there in 2016, to store food until it can be sent on to surrounding villages.

St. Paul: 2,000 pounds of Frozen salmon were shipped from Dutch Harbor to St. Paul in March. Coastal Transportation donated the freight. SeaShare supplied a commercial freezer in 2017 to increase storage capacity.

Juneau: 10,000 pounds of Seafood were sent from Seattle to Juneau in March via barge. AML is storing the donated food at their yard, and allowing the SE Alaska Food Bank to pick up as needed. 

Bethel and the Y-K region: SeaShare sent 12,000 pounds of frozen seafood to Bethel in March, via AML barge to Anchorage, then via Lynden Air to Bethel. SeaShare installed a freezer container at the Lion’s Club food bank in 2018, to store food until it can be sent on to surrounding villages.

Anchorage: This month SeaShare sent 16,000 pounds of seafood to the Food Bank of Alaska and Bean’s Café. Tote Maritime donated the Northbound freight. 

Kodiak: SeaShare coordinated the donation of various seafood items this month from Kodiak processors to the Kodiak Food Bank, Brother Francis and St. Herman’s shelters.

Ongoing:  SeaShare works with the Food Bank of Alaska, the Kodiak Food Bank, the Kenai Food Bank, the Glory Hole, and others to provide high protein seafood throughout the year.