What to do when your container full of nutritious seafood calls it quits in rural Alaska in the middle of winter?

Call your friends!

We were dismayed to hear that our freezer container in Dillingham, Bristol Bay went kaput yesterday. Thankfully, it won't be out of commission for long! The Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC) quickly connected the local food bank to the local Department of Transportation electrician who volunteered to change out a faulty plug, if we could find a new one, today. 

After a few hours of searching high and low in Anchorage and Seattle, we asked our friend at Matson, Kenny Gill, if he might possibly have a 32 amp 480V 3-phase plug to spare. 

He did!

We got the plug on the first Pen Air flight from Anchorage to Dillingham this morning, and should be good to go! 

What an incredible community of friends we have. A huge thank you to Alice Ruby at BBEDC, Barbara Nunn at BBNA, Walt Creasy at the AK DOT, and Kenny Gill at Matson. We are so grateful for your commitment to bringing nutritious seafood to people in Western Alaska.