The State of the Science - The Seafood Nutrition Partnership's Symposium on Seafood, Nutrition, and Health

On September 14th, we made our way to Washington, D.C. to attend the Seafood Nutrition Partnership's State of the Science Symposium. What a treat to be in the room with the real life scientists studying the health benefits of seafood and omega 3 fatty acids! 

Some of the key takeaways from the symposium: 

-        Women in the lowest quintile for DHA/EPA blood levels have 10 times higher risk for pre-term birth.

-        Preeclampsia is also higher in women with low DHA/EPA levels.

-        High fish consumption decreases all causes of mortality by 10%.

-        High fish consumption decreases Alzheimer’s in men by 24%, women by 38%.

-        High omega 3 levels can decrease headaches and chronic pain by 60%.

-        People who follow a “Mediterranean diet” are 30% less likely than their peers to suffer from depression.

-        High levels of fish consumption have shown a 20% decrease in depression rates.

-        Blood levels of EPA/DHA are lower in people with depression. 

-        In one study, Omega 3 intake decreased delinquent behaviors and aggression in children, and the children’s parents were also shown to be less psychopathic as a result (without Omega 3 treatment themselves). The same study also showed a reduction in intimate partner aggression when participants’ children were given Omega 3. 

-        New research tells us that bipolar disorder comes from unresolved chronic inflammation of the brain, and they are looking at the role of omega 3s in treating and possibly preventing bipolar disorder. 

-        Omega 3s have the potential to protect brains from traumatic brain injury and reduce inflammation after traumatic brain injury. 

-        People with high omega 3 levels in their blood (higher than 8%) have a 35% lower risk of coronary heart disease. 

-        Americans eat 14.9 lbs of fish per year, and 48 lbs of French fries. (!!!!)

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And remember, eat your at least #seafood2xweek!

Here's SNP's Linda Cornish introduction to the symposium: