Seafood, See Food: The National Fisheries Institute is telling stories about the seafood workforce

The seafood industry provides over a million jobs in the U.S. Our partner, The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) is telling stories about the seafood industry, and the people who work in it, to raise awareness about the need to protect seafood jobs and the communities that rely on them from trade policies that hurt the industry and put those jobs at risk.

Check out to view personal stories, and to learn more about the seafood industry, global trade in seafood, and how trade policies can affect fishing communities from Alaska to Maine. 

SeaShare is a long-time partner with the National Fisheries Institute and their partner companies. Without a strong, sustainable, and competitive seafood industry, our work bringing millions of pounds of seafood to food banks and feeding centers each year would be threatened, and hundreds of thousands of Americans who struggle with hunger would not be able to access the nutritional benefits of nutrient-dense seafood.