SeaShare Partner Highlight: E&E Foods

by Mary Harmon

E&E Foods has been a strategic partner with SeaShare for several years. They provide discounted processing and packaging services, and they donate financially. Last year alone E&E processed over 450,000 lbs salmon and halibut for Seashare, taking headed and gutted fish and cutting them into beautiful steak portions. The steaks were then water glazed and packed in sleeves and cases for transport to food banks across the nation and in Alaska.

As if scheduling SeaShare into an already full production system and offering discounted processing wasn't enough, E&E Foods employees and their sister company, Seattle Shrimp and Seafoods, held an employee donation drive for SeaShare during the month of December, for the second year in a row. Owner/President, Tab Goto, generously matched their contributions. This presents a great example of how companies and individuals can work together with SeaShare to put more seafood in our nation's food banks. No one can do it alone, but together look what we can achieve.

E&E Foods is a US based company servicing the food industry since 1932. Focused on Alaska and North Pacific seafood, their success is a result of their quality product and customer service. E&E Foods produces, sources and trades a full range of seafood products from Alaska and the North Pacific.

Thank you E&E Foods and employees! You helped seafood reach the tables of many hungry people across the nation.

Jesse Umagat of E&E Foods checking processing

Steaking salmon at E&E Foods