SeaShare is made up of individuals and companies who generously contribute their unique talents and services.

Hear from our industry partners about the importance of our work.


Our strength has always been a detailed, insider’s knowledge of the seafood industry.

Board members and staff utilize expertise in key areas of the industry; including policy and law, marketing and communications, harvesting and production, logistics, and finance. They are also guided by a sense of responsibility for the stewardship and efficient utilization of our nation's resources.

An efficient, collaborative model.

Getting seafood from the ocean into food banks is a complex and costly process. SeaShare provides the framework and logistics that allow a wide range of partners to work together to make large- and small-scale donations possible. By coordinating donations from fishermen with contributions from its cold storage, processing, and shipping partners, SeaShare leverages its network to enable the industry to give on a scale that can only be achieved from a collective effort.

We have a long-standing collaboration with Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization. With their network we're able to join forces and get donations across the nation.

Our Donors & Partners

Fish and Seafood Support Services Financial Support Food Bank/Strategic Partner

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